1000 days of development

Arcadia gives you a reason to step outside. We shake things up, enthuse and challenge people. And we do that every three years. For a period of one thousand days, we bring worlds together. The worlds of curious villagers and international artists. Of inspiring scientists and smart top designers. Of experienced theatre makers and Frisian youngsters. Of handy potters and creative builders. Because when you come together, you grow together. As a person and as a society.

After these thousand days, we will reap the fruits of our hard work together, with a one-hundred-day celebration. What will this celebration in 2025 look like? A selection of the projects we are currently working on can be found here.

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Help us build

Arcadia Jong

Arcadia Jong is aimed at young people living in Fryslân. By learning to look, think and work as a researcher, maker or artist, they get to develop new skills that they will need for the future.

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Open program

Do you have a great idea for your area? Arcadia can help you make this a reality. The Open Program offers you the network, knowledge and creative thinking power you need.

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In 2025, we will be working on Bouwurk on the Oldehoofsterkerkhof in Leeuwarden: an innovative building made of sustainable materials and creative building blocks. Everyone can help build and contribute to the project. Once built, it will be used as a creative centre for people looking for a place to make, invent and experiment.

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Young makers, born in this century, get to work on their own theatre productions, concerts, cabaret performances, exhibitions and more. With complete freedom and support from professionals from the Frisian cultural field.

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Fryslân Bloeit

Fryslân Bloeit focuses on the strength of the village. Enthusiastic residents can work on themes such as culture, climate and health for a sustainable, future-oriented province.

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Over de Drempel

Over de Drempel supports people and projects that use art and culture to discuss loneliness. Because anyone who has ever felt lonely knows how difficult it is to put into words.

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­Visual arts exhibition

An ambitious art exhibition where international artists work on new pieces around the theme of “soil”. To inspire you and offer new perspectives. Because what does the Frisian soil (Fryske grûn) mean for someone who does not live in Fryslân?

Veenweide Atelier

The peat meadow area is under intense pressure. Here, the consequences of our changing climate are visible and tangible. How do we ensure that this landscape will still be a good place to live and farm in five generations?

Much more to follow!

Arcadia will present the definitive program approximately 100 days before the start in May 2025.

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