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Culture maker

You are an artist or creative who likes to make new things. You like to think differently and shine a new light on problems and events and want to participate in Arcadia.


You are always in for an adventure and like to use your organisational talents to improve the world around you. You love working together with your neighbours to make your city or village more beautiful and a better place to live. You are a true leader!

Village (association)

You are on the board of a (village) association and would like to do something with your members. Maybe you want to share your activity on a stage, want to organise an event in your local area, or want to support a cause that is really important to your members?


As a school, you fully agree that your students are the new generation and that we have to do everything in our power to work together to create a better world. For them! You want your curriculum to tie in with the Arcadia program or vice versa.


Does your municipality want to get to work on an idea or wish for a better world, a more beautiful Fryslân? Or would you like to support the initiators from your municipality? Sign up now and become part of Arcadia 2025.

Family or group of friends

You enjoy rolling up your sleeves and doing something. You want to join in this amazing experience. Feel welcome to join in and help us organise our party!

Civic organisation

Your organization is happy to make people, ideas or facilities available to Arcadia, to work together on a successful program in 2025. Or you think it is important that the program is accessible to specific target groups and would like to help us make that possible.

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