The Arcadia team currently consists of:

Immie Jonkman (Managing Director)
Sjoerd Bootsma (Artistic Director)
Dorine Schreurs (Funds and Partners)
Jan van Erve (Sponsors and partners)
Jonathan Offereins (Programmer performing arts)
Jan Gaasenbeek (Creative producer visual arts)
Jacco de Boer (Creative producer pop culture & opinion)
Anne Graswinckel (Education maker)
Inge Wijninga (Financial Controller)
Rikkert Kremer (Head of Operations)
Lisanne Sieburgh (Marketingcoördinator)
Danielle Rinsma (Office Manager)

The Supervisory Board consists of:

Sjoerd Galema (Chairman)

Willem Jan van Elsacker

Irene Kromhout

Seerp Leistra

Nynke Stellingsma


Looking for a paid position? Our team is full right now, but you can always send an open application if you think you could be an indispensable part of our group. Please e-mail


Arcadia works together with multiple partners, view all the partners here


Arcadia is an organisation with ANBI status. Our RSIN is 822.999.456. When an institution has the status of cultural ANBI, at least 90% of its activities are in the cultural field. Donors to cultural ANBIs can get extra tax benefits. For more information on ANBI registration, please visit

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