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The Arcadia team currently consists of:

Sjoerd Bootsma (Artistic director)
Immie Jonkman (Managing Director)
Esther Drijver (Brand manager)
Dorine Schreurs (Funds and partners)
Jan van Erve (Sponsors and partners)
Jonathan Offereins (Programmer performing arts & PAFFF)
Jan Gaasenbeek (Creative producer visual arts)
Jacco de Boer (Creative producer pop culture & opinion)
Anne Graswinckel (Education maker)
Savan Huisman (Program Secretary)
Inge Wijninga (Financial administrator)
Rikkert Kremer (Management Advisor)
Lisanne Sieburgh (Office manager)
Martin Kooistra (Controller)
Raydun Bolk (Performing arts producer)
Annemarie Lindeboom (Editor)

Team Bosk:
Joop Mulder ((in memoriam) Spiritual father)
Bruno Doedens (Spiritual father & artistic director Bosk)
Margret Havinga (Project leader Bosk)
Hans Jansen (Producer)
Antsje van der Zee (Program producer)
Wendy Gooren (Program producer)
Brenda van de Wal (Marketer)
Sanne terpstra (Executive producer)
Kiki Merkies (Coordinator participants)
Jaimy de Linde (Assistant coordinator participants)
Lenny Alkemade (Supporter in-depth program)
Jildou Tjoelker (Education Executive Producer)
Dick Hauser (Artistic Advisor)
Almar Dam (Connector Municipality of Leeuwarden)
Nico Kelderhuis (Tree Boss)
Martijn Hulshof (Traffic boss)
Theo Heldens (Designer)
Thanks to all colleagues from various departments of the Municipality of Leeuwarden. You are the best!

Team Paradises:
Hans den Hartog Jager (Artistic director Paradys)
Jan Gaasenbeek (Project leader Paradys)
Bernie Deekens (Assistant Artistic Director)
Ype van Gorkum (Producer)
Grytsje Klijnstra (Program producer, audience guidance, catalogue)
Marjan Moes (Marketer)
Hans van Minnen (Building Coordinator)

Team IIS:
Elizabeth Kooy (Project leader)
Anne Brouwer – (Project coach)
Theo Smedes – (Project coach)
Anne Graswinckel – (Education)
Rosemary Strubbe – (Monitoring mienskips method)
Harmyn Venema – (Assistant project leader)
Ineke Kalteren – (Production)
Wini Weidenaar – (Marketing)

Team Over the Threshold:
Tamara Schoppert (Artistic Director)
Maaike Beckers (Project leader)

The Supervisory Board of LF2028 consists of: Sjoerd Galema (chairman) Willem Jan van Elsacker Irene Kromhout Seerp Leistra Nynke Stellingsma


Want to experience Arcadia from the inside? You can! As a volunteer on one of our projects. The projects are still under development, but you can go ahead and apply. When we’re ready, we will contact you. You can register using this form.

Looking for a paid position? Our team is full right now, but you can always send an open application if you think you could be an indispensable part of our group. Please e-mail info@lf2028.eu.


Arcadia works together with multiple partners, view all the partners here


Arcadia is an organisation with ANBI status. Our RSIN is 822.999.456. When an institution has the status of cultural ANBI, at least 90% of its activities are in the cultural field. Donors to cultural ANBIs can get extra tax benefits. For more information on ANBI registration, please visit belastingdienst.nl.

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