Our mission

Through the cultural triennial Arcadia, Fryslân effectively addresses the significant societal changes of our era by fostering an open and inclusive community.

Our vision

We are Arcadia, the legacy organisation of European Capital of Culture Leeuwarden Fryslân 2018 (LF2018). Our philosophy centers on the belief that the arts and culture possess the power to address societal challenges, uniting us as one community, known as “iepen mienskip.” Our objective? To foster a creative, resilient society that collaborates with the right partners to provide new perspectives for the prevailing issues in our region.

Our compass is not guided by transient victories; instead, we seek a deep and lasting prosperity that spans generations, echoing the sentiment “Fryslân ‘t bêste lân fan d’ierde.”

Our vision extends beyond provincial boundaries. We perceive Fryslân as a vibrant, rural region within Europe, as an example of how a community evolves while honoring its history and natural environment.

Through Arcadia, we kindle the spirit of forward-thinking. In a world undergoing profound transformations, radical imagination becomes indispensable: without it, any impending change appears as a looming threat. We develop a wide-ranging cultural program, inviting everyone to participate, through positive conversation, supported by research and a varied group of specialists.  to address the question: ‘Who do we want to be?’

At Arcadia, we aim to inspire a forward-thinking spirit. In a rapidly changing world, having a bold imagination is essential. Without it, change can seem threatening. In dialogue with one another, supported by research and a polyphonic network of experts, we organize a wide cultural program, in which many people participate to answer the question ‘Who do we want to be?’


Lead Partner Arcadia