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Mission & vision

Our mission

Stichting Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2028 believes in a strong Fryslân that contributes to a powerful European community. We use art and culture to put the province on the European map, and make it even more beautiful, open, and sustainable. Our programmes encourage people and organizations to work together within and outside their own communities. They help to make Fryslân a great province to live in, and create an increased feeling of wellbeing and prosperity that benefits all Frisians.


Fryslân’s provincial anthem refers to the bêste lân fan d’ierde, the finest land on Earth. We’re proud of this place, and want to make it even better, using our arts programme to encourage Frisians and non-Friesians to think about the legacy they leave for future generations. Artists and culture makers develop projects that invite us to consider this question, and find alternatives for the future so we can leave a beautiful world for our children.

In so doing, we’re building on the foundations created when Leeuwarden was the European capital of culture in 2018. We’re using the resulting experiences, networks and projects to keep Fryslân strong and sustainable. We’re also creating a prosperous community in which everyone feels seen and involved, and serving as an example to rural regions in other parts of Europe.


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