1000 days of development

A tourist sees a lot of nature in Fryslân, with its far horizons and endless stretches of water, for sailing, ice skating or swimming. But if you look closely, you will see a lot more. You will see how the climate crisis is affecting our Frisian landscape.

And the effects are unmistakable and visible in the peat meadow area. This area, characterised by large meadows, straight ditches and old farms, is under great pressure. Here, the consequences of our changing climate are visible and tangible. The soil is compacting, sinking and drying out, while biodiversity is declining, and CO2 emissions are increasing sharply. These are developments that have a painful impact on the region. On its heritage, on the enjoyment of living in this area, on the safety and health of its residents. In short: on liveability.

But we are not taking this lying down. Arcadia is rolling up its sleeves in this area and wants to take a close look at the landscape with the aid of international top designers and acclaimed scientists. With local farmers and residents. We are going to design materials, production chains and renovations of old farmhouses. We are going to innovate and imagine, in order to think up new opportunities for residents and entrepreneurs in this region. How do we ensure that this landscape will still be a good place to live and farm in five generations? Let’s find an answer to this question together. 

Lead Partner Arcadia