1000 days of development

Our Frisian soil is something special. It is our soil, the land where we live and work. Our soil connects us. But how do we interact with that soil? And how will we leave it behind for future generations?

An ambitious visual arts exhibition where international artists explore and express current themes. The artists come from all over the world, from Mirns and Groningen to Lebanon and Argentina. They bring their own culture and background, and let you look at the world, both ours and beyond, in a different way.

The artists create new works around the theme of “soil”. Sometimes, they work together with residents of Fryslân to find new answers. To discover new perspectives and gain new ideas. And to inspire you. Because for you the Frisian soil may be quite self-evident. But what is it like for someone who does not live in Fryslân? Strange eyes see new things.

These new and existing works will be exhibited indoors and outdoors in Leeuwarden in 2025, with an additional program with events taking place around the province. The visual arts exhibition is a follow-up to Paradys, which was part of Arcadia 2022.

Lead Partner Arcadia