What is paradise? Is it still possible to create an 'ideal world'? And what will remain in Oranjewoud after Paradys has disappeared? These questions and more are answered in the three-part podcast series made by Kunsthuis SYB in collaboration with Paradys. In the podcast Liza Voetman, Josje Hattink, Vanessa van ‘t Hoogt and Maud van Maarseveen (SYB Circles) take you along artworks in the exhibition. Through reports, interviews, environmental observations and visitors’ impressions, they give you a glimpse of what is hidden behind Paradys.

1. In the first episode – ‘TIME’ – Voetman and Van ‘t Hoogt talk to curator Hans den Hartog Jager, Lithuanian artist Augustas Serapinas and two performers of the work of Alexandra Pirici in the Ekokathedraal. How do the artists experience the paradisiacal surroundings of Oranjewoud? And how do the works unfold as the 100 days progress? The podcast alternates between Dutch and English.

2. In this second episode – ‘BETWEEN’ – Voetman, Van ‘t Hoogt and Van Maarseveen discuss various works of the exhibition PARADYS in the midst of ‘paradise’. Starting from the non-neutral place that Oranjewoud occupies (think of the social engineering of nature, money flows and nobility), they talk to Renzo Martens, Marianna Simnett, Charles Avery and a visitor. How do you relate to the actual place where the work is exhibited? And what would the artists like the visitors to take with them from Paradys? It is an episode that shifts between extremes, such as life and death, and seeks out the nuances in between.

3. Episode three is scheduled for August 2022, stay tuned!

Interviews, observaties en reportages door SYB Circles: Vanessa van ’t Hoogt, Josje Hattink en Liza Voetman. Productie: Maud van Maarseveen. Coördinatie: Gisanne Hendriks (Kunsthuis SYB) en Grytsje Klijnstra (Paradys).

SYB Circles is a group of young mediators who develop writing, programming, coaching, development and organizing skills at SYB. Kunsthuis SYB is a artist-in-residency driven art space.

Paradys is made possible with support from Arriva. Arriva makes Arcadia and Paradys as accessible as possible for everyone, by providing sustainable transport. In addition to public transport, Arriva’s new travel app glimble also facilitates transport-sharing, such as bike-sharing, at various events.

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