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PAFFF Partout

PAFFF Partout

Individual tickets are available to purchase for all performances. The price per performance is typically €19,75, unless otherwise stated. Are you planning to see more than one performance, visit Leeuwarden on multiple festival days, or have you already put together a whole program? Check out our PAFFF-Partout options and the Arriva day passes.

PAFFF-Partouts are unique personalized codes which allow you to see a PAFFF performance at a reduced rate. Once acquired, the code is immediately active allows you to purchase discounted PAFF festival tickets online via www.harmonie.nl or physically at the register in De Harmonie building. Just use your code at the checkout page or show the cashier your PAFFF-Partout code.

A regular PAFFF-Partout can be purchased for 20 euros online or at the Harmonie ticket office. With your unique voucher code you can buy festival tickets for almost all performances for only 10 euros per performance.

Are you under 30 years old?

Then you are eligible for a free PAFFF-Partout Youth! Follow the button below to get your unique PAFFF-Partout Youth voucher code.

With a PAFFF-Partout Youth you can visit most performances for only 5 euros, unless otherwise stated.

PAFFF-Partouts can also be purchased online at https://harmonie.nl/pafff or at De Harmonie ticket office.

Do you travel to Leeuwarden by Arriva train or bus?

Excellent news! With your festival tickets you have the option to purchase an Arriva day pass for only 7,50 euros. With this day pass you travel unlimited with Arriva on the day your performance takes place. You find the option to add an Arriva day pass to your order at the check-out page of a PAFFF performances on the website of De Harmonie.

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