100 dagen programma


Bosk has many roots. Bosk will open with a celebration on 7 May and start a 3.5 km walk through the city centre of Leeuwarden. This will undoubtedly raise questions. These questions and all other practical information is collected and kept up to date on this page.



There is no traffic through the forest. When the forest stops its walk, the site will be closed to all traffic except pedestrians. The streets and roads that run through the forest will always be temporarily closed to motorised traffic. Cyclists should dismount and walk with their bikes. That allows pedestrians and playing children to get maximum enjoyment from the forest. Of course buildings in the woods will still be accessible to emergency services at all times.

Delivery times for the restaurants and retailers

The forest will be open from 7:30 am to 11:00 am for deliveries to restaurants and retailers.


Permit and subscription holders will be offered alternative locations in sections of the city centre where Bosk temporarily makes parking impossible. Permit and subscription holders will be sent a letter with more information.


During BOSK, Stationsweg will be closed to all traffic on 6, 7 and 8 May, including public transport. These public transport route changes will be in effect on those days:

  • Lines coming from the east and northeast will not run via Blokhuisplein and will divert to Groeneweg and Ruiterskwartier;
  • Lines from the south and south-east will run Julianalaan and Stephensonviaduct;
  • •Lines from the north and west will run the normal route.

On 4, 5, 9, 10 and 11 May, buses will follow the normal route via Stationsweg, but Stationsweg will be closed to other traffic on those days.

See also arriva.nl/fryslan


There will also be temporary toilet facilities near the forest, indicated with signage. You can ask for directions at the information kiosk.

There are also public and otherwise available toilets along the Bosk route in Leeuwarden:

  • NS Station, Stationsplein 2G
  • Restaurant Oranjehotel, Stationsweg 4
  • Restaurant Loetje, Stationsweg 2
  • Café De Prins, Prins Hendrikstraat 12-14
  • McDonalds, Wirdumerdijk 43
  • Paddy O’Ryan, Tweebaksmarkt 49
  • Ely’s Tearoom, Voorstreek 100
  • De Walrus, Gouverneursplein 37
  • Café De Spoek, Sint Jacobsstraat 29
  • Bagels & Beans, Kelders 3
  • Stadswaag Leeuwarden, Nieuwestad 148
  • Prenatal Babywinkel, Ruiterskwartier 151
  • Urinoir, Ruiterskwartier
  • Winkelcentrum Zaailand, Wilhelminaplein 5
  • Jumbo presents La place, Zaailand 100
  • Douwe Egberts Koffie Café, Ruiterskwartier 111
  • Het Wapen van Leeuwarden & Friesland, Zaailand 92
  • La Cubanita, Zaailand 86
  • Openbaar Douche- en Toiletgebouw, Harmonie
  • Foto van Keulen, Nieuwestad 10
  • Gemeentehuis, Oldehoofsterkerkhof 2
  • Parkeergarage Oldehove, Oldehoofsterkerkhof 3
  • Obe, Heer Ivostraatje 1

Bron: hogenood.nl

You can download the HogeNood app in the various app stores, which provides plenty of information about public and otherwise available toilets in every Dutch municipality.


During the 100 days of Bosk, the crew offices will be open every Wednesday afternoon from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm for you to ask questions about Bosk. Of course you can also contact us by phone and/or email. The crew offices will always be close to the forest. An overview will follow in mid April. You can reach the crew offices at 06-14480512 and by e-mailing info@bosk.frl.

Bosk is made possible in part by GroenLeven. GroenLeven is the market leader in renewable energy and works together with governments, network operators, companies, education, residents and innovative entrepreneurs to create sustainable energy sources.

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