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Over de Drempel / Crossing the Threshold

Experience the fun and creative expressions that result when residents of neighbourhoods in Leeuwarden and its surrounding villages get together. Over de Drempel consists of nine projects by artists who use art and culture to combat loneliness. They work together with local initiatives, resulting in some wonderful outcomes. Ranging from a neighbourhood orchestra to the Homesick Restaurant that focuses on cooking and eating, and from a film festival for and by young people to a poetry project featuring talking stones. Over de Drempel focusses first and foremost on doing things together with others. Adopting this positive approach, we navigate past the problems that loneliness causes and we focus on enjoying the solutions that Over de Drempel brings to life.

Over the course of Arcadia’s one hundred days, a broad spectrum of activities will be available, aimed at various groups of residents who sometimes feel lonely. Culture is a means of raising awareness about loneliness and inviting people to step out of their isolation. More people, more creative artists and more organisations are joining forces to break the cycle of loneliness, to learn and to create. Take your first step across the threshold and take a look at the nine cultural projects.

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