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5 May t/m 27 May De Sluisfabriek Drachten

The Underground


A dazzling show about failure, invisibility, not mattering, and futility. With live music, theater and dance. This show is Dutch spoken but has English surtitles.


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What has to happen before you feel like nothing more than a clown. A pipsqueak on the margins. The one who finally gets the cake in the face. The lowest life form on the slopes. And what has to happen before you are completely fed up with it? Unwilling to be the laughing stock anymore?

On the frayed edges of the city, on the margins of society, the Rodeo clown rebels against the role he’s been given in the Dutch Circus. With all the violence he can muster, he breaks out of the rotten system that’s trapping him in.

Will he succeed? Or will it be nothing more than an act? A funny little number in this travelling circus show that he’ll repeat again tomorrow night?

Shot by Halie

The Underground is a gritty, witty, tragic performance by Guy Weizman and the NITE ensemble. After winning the director’s prize for Salam and garnering rave reviews at Brave New World 2.0 and Before/After, theatre, dance, film, and music fans can now look forward to experiencing The Underground. Directed by Guy Weizman, De Sluisfabriek will be transformed into a spectacular, dancing visual circus that chronicles the importance of being seen and the tragedy of failure, featuring Sanne den Hartogh in the starring role and an unparalleled monologue penned by Rik van den Bos.


The Underground 1
The Underground
The Underground