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6 August Leeuwarden

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Avi Kishna in Bosk

Avi Kishna is an independent sarod player, multi-instrumentalist and music producer from Suriname, living and working in Amsterdam.



Avi Kishna is an independent sarod player, multi-instrumentalist and music producer from Suriname, living and working in Amsterdam. He has a multidisciplinary, creative background (his father is an artist and theater maker Ramdew Krishna in which he came into contact with singing, piano, cello, Western and Indian classical music, and theatre.

Avi learned to play the sarod from his Guru Koustuv Ray (teacher SKVR, Muziekschool Amsterdam, CODARTS) with whom he also performed and produced music. At 16, he was the youngest student at the Rotterdam Conservatory (CODARTS) in Indian Classical Music. Ray passed away in 2017, Avi received the honor of curating Ray's sarod and keeping his music alive.

In 2011, Avi founded the platform Imperceptible Art together with Mitch Sedoc for the development and preservation of art around the sarod and in order to introduce the instrument and the music to a larger audience in the (western) world. From this platform he performs with his RaagMala Suite in collaboration with Marynka Nicolai & Maxim Chapochnikov, got a feature on Entisar's Awakening EP and plays together with Femi Dawkins aka Jimmy Rage in various venues such as the Stedelijk Museum (2015) and galleries such as the South London Gallery (February 2022). In 2020 Avi toured the Netherlands together with Sarnami writer and singer Raj Mohan with the dance theater performance Shakti by Shailesh Bahoran (IR Company).

Avi appeared with his sarod on national television such as Ohm TV, NPO 1, the Holi festival 2013, the documentary Ms Ela Gandhi and in the feature film Pijnstillers (after the book by Carry Slee). He performed live on national radio stations such as Radio 1, acted in Hindustani folk theaters and provided the music production for a classical Indian play, Ramlila. And in 2005 he performed with an ensemble (including sitar player Siddharth Kishna) during the 25th anniversary of former Queen Beatrix.

Avi has also made a career as an entrepreneur in Sales and Marketing, winning several awards including the Sales Leadership Award (2004), the Excellence in Leadership Award (2005) and the Owner of the Year Award (2008), National Product Manager Award (2009) .

From Avi's Indian background he shares classical Indian sarod music with the world and at the same time he gives his own creative interpretation and brings a contemporary and innovative approach to the instrument. He makes on-the-spot compositions and improvisations, and merges them with digital soundscapes to respond to a whole new sound that appeals to a very wide audience.

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