14 May t/m 24 August Noordwolde

Stroomopwaarts Het Nationaal Vlechtmuseum


Mandehof 7
8391BG Noordwolde
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  • Weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 14 May until 24 August
    10:30 - 17:00

Long ago, South-East Fryslân used to border the sea. The Linde and Tjonger rivers flowed from inland to the sea and created a unique but vulnerable delta. In 1701 and 1703, when the dykes between Lemmer and Kuinre were washed away, the region was flooded with brine.

Lemmer and the locks at Schoterzijl and Kuinre were the gateways to the cities of the western Netherlands – where boats laden with peat sold their wares – and to the wide world beyond. In the opposite direction, high-ranking guests and foreign visitors disembarked in Lemmer and travelled upstream from village to village – through De Jouwer and It Hearrenfean to Beetstersweach, Drachten and onwards, in search of new culture. Travel Stroomopwaarts / Upstream yourself, from museum to museum and (re)discover South-East Fryslân.

Five museums in Fryslân collaborate with Tresoar to visualise the history of the peat landscape. Tresoar is the archive for Frisian literature in Leeuwarden.

The Nationaal Vlechtmuseum in Noardwâlde

At the former Rijksrietvlechtschool (National Reed Weaving School) you can view the Top 25 of design objects from Noordwolde. The exhibition is about the positioning of designs from Noardwâlde. Tastes and interior designs in the Netherlands and abroad are subject to change. How does that affect the appreciation of designs from Noordwolde?

Opening: 14 May