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16 July t/m 3 October Blije

This event has already taken place

Sense of Place

Terp fan de Takomst / Future Knoll


9171 MG Blije

Knolls are major features of the Frisian landscape. They present a visual image of our history, they raise questions for archaeologists and they inspire art, culture and future developments.

For a long time now, residents of knolls have been wondering about knolls of the future. A new knoll, beyond the dykes, a place to teach, to do research, to historicize, to try out new and old saline agricultures, to perform concerts and to be silent and allow your imagination to speak.

The Observatorium artists’ group consists of Geert van de Camp, Andre Dekker, Lieven Poutsma and Ruud Reutelingsperger. Jointly, they are experienced in visual art, architecture, literature and education. Observatorium involves local residents in their creative process, people who know the environment like no one else. The resulting public art work is a welcoming venue that stimulates the imagination, offers reflection on the surrounding area and serves as a building block for communality. The village of Blije is involved in constructing this Terp fan de Takomst / Future Knoll. Blije feels a strong affinity with the Wadden Sea and is re-establishing the connection it once had with the sea in a sustainable way. “We want to reside, live and work with our faces to the Wadden Sea again.”

Observatorium’s design is intended as an ‘artwork’ that at every stage in the process of its construction serves as a place for residents and visitors to come and experience things. Knolls ‘grew’ from narrow (five metres) and low (one metre) to wide and tall (up to ten metres), from knolls with one house on them to small hamlets with a church. The future knoll allows you to experience the process of stacking, layer upon layer. Over the course of years, the knoll will slowly but surely grow and become the finished result that has been envisioned.

Dates: starting 16 July 2022

Terp fan de Takomst / Future Knoll is a project by Sense of Place, that revitalises the area along the Wadden Sea coast by visualising the region’s unique qualities. Together with residents and the landscape, they tell the story of The North using visual art and design projects, portraying the history of the region and its inhabitants, the landscape and the future.