7 May t/m 14 August Online wandelroute
Bosk Arcadia Jong


Close your eyes, lose yourself in a dream and walk from the very beginning to the distant future...


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  • 7 May until 14 August


  • Gratis

You take a time-traveling walk through your own neighborhood and listen to a musical-poetic story. It starts with the big bang and ends in the year 2121. In your imagination, you meet a child from the year 2121. Along the way you discover how you are part of an immensely long history. And that what we do now has consequences for what lies ahead. Do we want to take action? What do we want to do then?

Together with: Club Nel and Kek

What: audio tour

For whom: children from 9 years old

Dates: whenever you want

Language: Frisian and Dutch

Route: You can download the walk for free on the website. For children there are research books with supporting material to think through.

Counter-time walk by Merlijn Twaalfhoven and Jasper Visser is part of Bosk: a walking forest of more than a thousand trees that travels through the city center of Leeuwarden for a hundred days with the call to look at nature differently.