7 May t/m 14 August Leeuwarden



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  • 7 May until 14 August


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May 7 to August 14, 2022

The walking forest - The Walking Forest - Der Wandelnde Wald

The heart of Leeuwarden will turn green for 100 days. From May 7 to August 14, more than 1000 large and small trees walk through the city centre. The 'walking' forest gives the trees - and therefore nature - a voice: how does the forest view the human world? Bosk's slow-moving art installation draws attention to the need to look differently at the relationship between man and nature. To make different choices in the greening of our public space, and to plant more trees around the world to help turn the climate crisis.

A walking forest. The squares are the open spaces in the forest, which are graced by cultural activities that reinforce the story of the walking forest. In addition to setting up a cultural, educational and in-depth programme, Bosk is also the driving force behind all kinds of green initiatives in the centre and suburbs of Leeuwarden. This autonomous work of art was initiated by the late Joop Mulder (Sense of Place) and conceived by Bruno Doedens (SLeM) in close collaboration with Arcadia.