Arcadia 2022 zit erop. Geniet nog 50 dagen na!

14 October t/m 15 October Huiskamers in Friesland, welke? Deze info volgt nog.
Over de Drempel

Show don't tell - Over de drempel

With SHOW DON'T TELL, a group of 15 young people have made the film programme of the Living Room Film Festival 2022 and are organizing the discussions after the screenings.


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You can say what you want about 2020 and 2021, but as far as 'nice carefree fun' is concerned, these were historically bleak years. Festivals were cancelled, cinemas closed completely and an evening hanging out with your friends felt like a personal insult to Mark Rutte. That turned out to be even tougher than expected, especially for young people who need more cultural stimuli than a daily hour of Omroep Max.

That is why we started the Living Room Film Festival. That is, indeed, a festival where films are shown in living rooms. An extra nice thing about all this is that it takes place in places far away from stale movie houses and expensive popcorn, but in the cosy living rooms of Frisians (or other crazy places in the province). With the Huiskamer Film Festival, we would like to create a place for young people in Friesland to discover cool films. This should make it a festival for and by young people.

With the SHOW DON'T TELL project, with 15 young people from all over the province, we are going to investigate what the programme will be at the festival in the summer of 2022. Are you younger than 25, do you have an opinion about films, series, YouTube or TikTok? and do you want to show what is really important, bold, funny or beautiful? Then sign up!

SHOW DON'T TELL is a project by Natte Haring in collaboration with Wilde Wijk, the Film Conversation Foundation.

SHOW DON'T TELL falls under one of the nine projects of Over de Drempel (Over the threshold). Over de Drempel is a programme in which culture makers and social initiatives work together on the theme of loneliness. Over de Drempel is part of Arcadia 2022, the hundred-day cultural programme in Leeuwarden and Fryslân. Arcadia is the sequel to Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018, European Capital of Culture. The approach to loneliness of the Municipality of Leeuwarden has also crossed the threshold.